Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WorldTV99 0.2.0 now available

WorldTV99 upgrade is now available at>download>multimedia or at my signiture. If you have prior versions installed, you should be able to get it via, umm.... SSU .

Major change, this time we have a user manual!
Most channels are now full screen, no eye soring black borders, more channels, less dead links. More info from user manual. Comments? Critics? Rottentomatos?
Here are pics of 0.2.0 in full screen vs eye soring black borders,, thread #49.

Please report dead links, TIA,

WorldTV99 old links:,,
green install button,

Dont forget VCURLs72,, more TV viewing pleasure for your tablet, and a update with more channels is also in the planning.

kmplayer 0.8.7-6
mplayer 1.0rc1-maemo.29.n8x0
worldtv99 0.2.0-1

N810/N800 Chinook/Diablo


bun 10/2008

WorldTV99 0.2.0

Version logs,
* Double click on video now toggles fullscreen mode
* Added 'Change title' player menu item for changing title for favorites items
* Don't exit fullscreen mode if a node from a different playlist is selected
* Support 'aspectRatio' attribute for installable playlists.
* Store position of local files opened from file dialog or from the
'Recents' list when the user stops playback prematurely. Replay will start at this position when restarted or started from 'Recents'
* Allow capture/download video clips

Readme file, the one you are reading 100608

Go to dl/install kmplayer and WorldTV99. You should already have mplayer and media player (osso media server) installed. Kmplayer is a frontend for these two players.

Start kmplayer, WorldTV99 is already loaded and running in WindowScreen mode. WorldTV99 has 2 screen modes, double tap on the video will toggle between FullScreen(FS) and WindowScreen(WS) mode.

Favorite - tap on favorite will open up channels you selected as favorite when in WindowScreen mode. You can edit the title of your favorite channels. Double tap on video toggle between FS and WS mode.

Channels - are alphabetically grouped into countries and subgrouped into each channel; clicked on group folder Canada, will expand into each single channel. All country/channels are arranged alphabetically. Done manually, so there will be a couple notch out of synch

click any channel, it will play. If not playing, go menu>Player>pick the other player, only Osso Media Server or Mplayer are streaming. Always check Use omapfb with MPlayer, it makes video rendering much smooth.

FS mode - double tap on video toggle between FS and WS mode.
tap on right upper corner will turn on a TVmenubar, a blue bar with blue triangles on either ends and a green star on the right side. Tap on either triangles with turn channel up and down, touch the blue bar for selection. Tap on the green star will remember the channel and showed up in the favorite list. Favorite list is on FullScreen mode, double tap video to toggle between FS and WS.

* = top quality
folder = expand to see single channel

DownLoad clips - select a link from the 'feeds' group in favorites by a
single click (ie. select only). Next press the 'save' button (the most
right button). This will open the RSS feed and instead of directly
playing, you get a 'Save as' dialog. Now save it somewhere and wait
until kmplayer finished download. The saved file can be found as first item in the 'Most Recents' list, double click on this, it starts to play locally.


increase volume: add to the file /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf

When kmplayer is up, menu>Player>enable Use omapfb with MPlayer, that makes mplayer decoding much smooth.

.mplayer has more hardware buttons to inc/dec vol. and has also preconfigured in a lot of channel to make it run at FS, except CBCs. OssoMediaserver runs with 2 black borders.

Bottom line: There are 2 modes, FS and WS modes, 2 players, Osso Media Server and mplayer.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finetune Videocenter, N800, mplayer, external player

Videocenter>Tools>Settings...>Player>External allows one to choose mplayer

//usr/bin/mplayer -cache 4096 %s

Not quite sure what is the difference of "//" vs "/" at the beginning of the command. Anyhow, on top of setting the path and cache, there are quite some options one can play with mplayer,
MPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.29.n8x0 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team
Internet Tablet OS version: unknown
Usage: mplayer [options] [url|path/]filename

Basic options: (complete list in the man page)
-vo select video output driver ('-vo help' for a list)
-ao select audio output driver ('-ao help' for a list)
-ss seek to given (seconds or hh:mm:ss) position
-nosound do not play sound
-fs fullscreen playback (or -vm, -zoom, details in the man page)
-x -y set display resolution (for use with -vm or -zoom)
-sub specify subtitle file to use (also see -subfps, -subdelay)
-playlist specify playlist file
-vid x -aid y select video (x) and audio (y) stream to play
-fps x -srate y change video (x fps) and audio (y Hz) rate
-pp enable postprocessing filter (details in the man page)
-framedrop enable frame dropping (for slow machines)

Basic keys: (complete list in the man page, also check input.conf)
<- or -> seek backward/forward 10 seconds
down or up seek backward/forward 1 minute
pgdown or pgup seek backward/forward 10 minutes
< or > step backward/forward in playlist
p or SPACE pause movie (press any key to continue)
q or ESC stop playing and quit program
+ or - adjust audio delay by +/- 0.1 second
o cycle OSD mode: none / seekbar / seekbar + timer
* or / increase or decrease PCM volume
x or z adjust subtitle delay by +/- 0.1 second
r or t adjust subtitle position up/down, also see -vf expand


To fine tune mplayer, use emelfm2 to do the modification, /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
added the following to the bottom of the file, mplayer.conf
This increases vol and better AudioVisual de-sync.

And of course, you can always use OSD to change on the last minute,
+/- to adjust audio delay etc. If the clip you want to see is jerky, try some of these in degree of inconvenience,

1) try media player ---- it works better but decodes less video formats
2) dl and play -------- it always better
3) -nosound --------- this one works 100%, but there is sound , works well with a lot of wildlife channels, like oregon zoo or discovery channels
4) -framedrop ----- see very little effects. I guess it must on by default?

Any more options?

WorldTV99:; VCURLs72:; Shortcuts

Monday, July 21, 2008

My 1st blog

Everybody has a 1st, and this is my 1st. Nothing to see, nothing to read, no new idea. The only thing new is me, I am testing a blog posting. Have a good day,